Network Communication

Gwave can provide all kinds of test connectors and cable assemblies for the field of mobile communications.And Gwave has a complete solution for the RG series of economical and low frequency test cable assemblies and 5G of millimeter-wave test connectors and cable assemblies.As we all know, with the improvement of communication frequency band and the explosive growth of communication data volume, the complexity of communication systems is also increasing.Meanwhile,communications connectivity challenges are also at an all-time high.For example low cross modulation, low insertion loss, VSWR and so on, even with the development of smart antenna technology, phase index is becoming more and more important in the field of mobile communication. Many of the technical requirements of previous military projects have also been put forward in civilian communications. Depending on the substantial practical accumulation in the military industry and the aerospace field, Gwave has made great progress in the field of new mobile communication.

Product series 

n  Low cross modulation Low PIM test cable assembly

n  RG series of factory test cable

n  Optical communication module test cable

n  Microwave passive device test cable

n  Mobile terminal spurious test shielded cable assembly

n  Scale test quick plug and pull adapters

n  QMA and QN series of test cable

n  Bellows feeder cable Assembly

n  Outdoor waterproof and fireproof cable assembly