Quality Policy

Keep pace with the world's high-tech development, and ensure quality, prepay defects, keep continuous improvement, provide fast and satisfactory service


  • Electrical Performance Testing Capability


  • Physical Performance Testing Capability


  • Environment Performance Testing Capability


Quality Control

  • IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

    Help suppliers to implement quality control of materials and semi-finished products to achieve the process stability of our win-win policy.

  • IPQC (InPut Process Quality Control)

    Implement effective quality control to achieve process stability and process improvement effectiveness.

  • FQC (Final Quality Control)

    Final function and performance check before shipment. Do not produce defective parts, accept defective parts, and ship defective parts.

  • Electrical Performance Test

  • We use special instruments to check Return Loss/VSWR, conductor impedance, insulation impedance and withstand voltage of all types of products to ensure that all our products are qualtified.

  • Physical Performance Test

    The tester checks all product pressures, such as the drawing force of the cable assembly, the holding force of the connector, and the external pressure and damage tolerance.

  • Environment Performance Test

    Do high/low temperature test and salt spray test according to the product environment to ensure that the material composition of each component or connector meet the relevant standards.

System Certification

Certification: Gwave has obtained ISO9001 International Quality System Certification and military standard GJB9001C and other standards.

  • ISO 9001:2008

  • GJB9001C-2017