Looking Forward to Every Opportunity to Communicate with You

Gwave's sales representatives are a bridge between customers and the company. They will completely transfer the customer's requirements to our team. In addition, the commercial department will combine all resources to provide comprehensive services from design,  to development, commissioning, mass production and QC. And provide after-sales service for customers. Gwave arranges sales to regularly attend electronic fairs around the world, such as MTT-S Int'l Microwave Symp, Electronica Munich and European Microwave week. We hope to face our customers more directly and have face-to-face communication with them.

Gwave's global sales and service network is as follow:

Business Locations - Beijing, Shanghai, Changzhou, USA

Online sales channels:

China: Microwave Store

Global: Gwave USA


Gwave must Reach Each Missions , for Each Commitment and Unremitting Efforts

Attach importance to every communication with customers, to understand every real idea of customers. After the technical communication in the early stage of the project, we will form a professional technical confirmation sheet for the customer to confirm. In business, we also attach importance to the spirit of the contract, responsible for each clause. For example, if there is only a difference of 0.01dB from a certain technical index we promised, we will try our best to strive for improvement to fulfill the promise.

The delivery cycle is a key indicator of customer satisfaction. As early as 2012, Gwave started to develop a scientific safety inventory plan. So far, it has been able to deliver the common cable assemblies within one week, three days, or even the same day. Most of the connectors and adapters can be delivered on the same day, trying our best to meet the urgent needs of customers. We are always eager to meet our customers' urgent delivery requirements and may deliver our products to the airport in person if possible . All the efforts are for a promise, to meet the requirements of customers to the maximum.

Gwave must reach each missions , for each commitment and unremitting efforts.

Gwave is Your Reliable Partner

Gwave has been in the microwave connector and cable assembly industry for nearly 10 years. The customers range from scientific research institutions such as aerospace and military industry, to laboratory testing and measurement, and to commercial customers such as photoelectric communication. Gwave has a lot of design practice experience and engineering know-how. In these customization project which represent the industry's most challenging demands, Gwave has realized that not only a good hardware support is important, but also a professional technical and service team are required. A good hardware support, including the complete test equipment, sophisticated machining CNC equipment and precision testing equipment, can provide good product guarantee. Meanwhile, professional technical and service team can communicate with customer efficiently and respond to customer quickly. Customer satisfaction is the greatest affirmation of our work. We serve our customers with friendliness, courtesy, enthusiasm and honesty to ensure that they always recognize our efforts. Our values are integrity, simplicity and dependability. As for future market goals, we will continue to be humble learners who take pride in solving our customers' problems and build trust through reasonable profit margins. We hope to grow together with customers, create a win-win situation.